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    Premium corporate advisory firm with international reach and an exceptional breadth of services; we give clients the confidence they need to succeed in business
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About us

Our reputation for outstanding quality and certainty of service is built on long-term relationship investment and a deep understanding of client markets which creates and delivers superb value and results.

McDonald Patafta Group specialises in corporoate consulting services in a variety of fields.

Foreign Investment

Energy & Natural Resources

Exploration & Mining

Our Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We provide outsourced accounting and financial reporting services to ensure all statutory reporting is carried out for businesses in an accurate manner to ensure our clients comply with complex regulations in Lao PDR.

Business Matching

Our Business Matching Programme aims to value-add to your company by identifying your prospects and prearrange face to face meetings in Australia and ASEAN markets. We will guide you through each market’s complexity and bureaucratic maze within a risk-mitigated and cost-efficient framework.

Corporate & Business Advisory

With new challenges arising and unique opportunities emerging in today’s dynamic business world, MPA’s several multi-faceted speciality practices, in depth expertise and experience can support our clients’ general business needs.

Debt Financing & Capital Markets

We focus on the future of financial services, helping clients shape their businesses and execute strategies by offering access to debt financing and capital markets.

Energy & Resources Advisory

MPG and through its affiliated law firm, continue to advise on a large range of energy and infrastructure projects, as well as mining, oil and gas in a variety of markets.

Medical Advisory

We connect you to professionals that you need in Asia-Pacific and help you navigate through healthcare systems.

Property & Real Estate

Search and find the perfect home, property investment or commercial property in countries we have a presence in.

Restructuring / M&A

Our team is vastly experience in complex M&A and restructuring transactions providing high quality and tailored legal and tax solutions.

Sports Advisory

We provide first hand advisory from professional athletes and managers with football as our specialty. We help clients identify new growth opportunities and optimise their investments or strategy.

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