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Consultant - Medical Advisory and Healthcare

Prof. Matt McDonald

Professor Matt McDonald brings to the McDonald Patafta Group 20 years of experience in healthcare as a Neurosurgeon & Spinal surgeon and working internationally in the medical sector with a focus on the Asia – Pacific region.

 Matt completed his Neurosurgical training in Australia and sub-speciality training in Complex Spinal Surgery in Miami, USA.

 He is currently Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery, University of South Australia, a Senior Visiting Neurosurgeon & Spinal Surgeon at the new Calvary Adelaide Hospital and Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide, Australia. In addition to his clinical load, Prof Matt McDonald works with the University of South Australia developing medical education and research in the private medical sector. He has research interests in Spinal surgery and is an inventor and patent holder for Minimally Invasive Spine surgery implants. He works collaboratively with a number of medical device companies in product development.

 At Calvary Adelaide Hospital Prof McDonald is chair of the Medical Advisory Committee and is also a board member of the Neurosurgical Research Foundation. He has experience with hospital developments and is a keen proponent of Lean Thinking Principles in Healthcare.

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